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Expand the USB header

does anyone know of a device that can expand the USB header on the mother board to be more than one slot, this person got a soyo amd 64 POS and it only had one usb header. is there something i can plug into that on the motherboard that will give me more than one?


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how many PCI slots? Could add USB card there maybe? Or alternatively if you get a neat (IE small) hub you could, I am sure, butcher it and chop off the plug to add individual jumper plugs to the lead to attach to the mobo and then secure it somewhere (although now I am puzzled why you want a hub INSIDE the case :confused: )


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canadian_divx said:
i would do that if it was an option but this is compleatly internal. no actual USB port just the pins
Ok what your describing is the way it's suppose to be. :) You would take an included (I guess a cheap mobo might not include one) USB card and just connect it to the USB pins on the mobo and then viola you have USB ports. :)

*edit* - this is how my USB 2.0 support is on my mobo and being as I'm lazy why I don't have USB 2.0 support right now as messing with connecting the damn card to individual wires is not my idea of a good time. :D

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