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Expand Favorite in Internet Explorer 6



Hi see if any one can help me out here please or direct me to a source of help.
I'm using a Sony notebook GRS515 IntelP4 @1800 O/S Win XP Home.
The problem I have is that once Internet Explorer is open and I go to my favorites folder once selected to show all my folders and links within (this is from the tool bar) to offten I can not get my folders to open or expand no matter what.
I've updated IE6 with sp1 also I've now updated Win XP with sp1 and yet still the same problem.:(
I've done yes a reinstall of the pc but yet can't get this dam favorites to function as it should.
If I use favorite by View and tool, top plane I can get to my folders in favorites since this expandes automatic.
Dam Microsh*t

Thanks from:

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Welcome to the forums MaryJ. :D

I think you might be describing the personalized menu. Open IE/Tools/Internet Options/Adavanced/. Untick 'enable personalized favorites menu'.


:) Thanks Hipster Doofus but the above settings are not enabled.
I just get pi**ed off with it now sometime it will work but more offten it will not!:( Oh well at a loss once again with Microsh*t.
Many thanks for taking time out for me.

Mary J

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Hey MaryJ you said you did fresh install. Did you again upgrade IE then use sp1? If so that could be the problem. SP1 has the IE update included with it.

Is the problem you are describing to do with what they call the personalised menu in IE?

You could try repairing IE.


I've reinstalled Win xp twice same problem, so I went for update for IE6 still the same even went for Winxp sp1 and yes it's the same problem.:mad: :( :confused: So now I might try to repair the dam think. Many thanks for your support I'll let you know how I've got on.

Mary J ;)

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