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I've got an annoying problem with a batch script. It must first connect to my ISP, and then I starts up Winamp, which automatically connects to Wolf FM (an online radio station). I have set it up like this:

@echo off
title Connecting Wanadoo and Wolf FM
rasdial "(name of ISP with quotes)" username password
if errorlevel 1 goto uhoh
if not errorlevel 1 goto WolfFM

echo There is an error with the ISP,
echo try again later.
echo Now press any key continue working with Windows
pause >nul

echo Connected!
echo now connecting Wolf FM (Winamp)
C:\progra~1\winamp\winamp.exe D:\music\wolffm.m3u

echo Connected succesfully to Wolf FM! Enjoy!

With that final exit is a problem. It only exits when I exit Winamp.
Can I set it up so that the script automatically exits, even when Winamp is still running?

ps. I have heard of Windows Scripting Host. Can I use this? And how?

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