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Hi - I wrote a VB exe that updates the number of unread mail messages dsiplayed on the logon screen by contacting the server and updating the unreadmail in the registry. I then changed the registry so it runs my program before it runs the logonui.exe so that the new values should be displayed, but alas, they are not. After I login as a user, I can see that the values have indeed been updated in the registry, and in fact, if I hit windows-L to get back to the logon screen, those new values display, but for some reason they are not displaying on initial logon. As far as I can tell, there could be one of two things happening here 1) the system is calling my script in parallel with loading the logonui.exe so my script has not yet updated the values when the logon screen comes up. 2) the values for the unread mail count for initial logon are stored in some place other then the unredmail keys in the registry. I think the second one is less likely. How can I fix this problem? Can I force Windows to wait for ending executing the first script before it calls logonui.exe or is there something else wrong here that I'm missing?
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Where are you calling your script up? cause i'm pretty sure windows places it's files in priority during load unless you load the script in dos...but if ya load the script in dos it clearly won't be able to load...so it's most likely that logonui is loading first and your script is changing the reg values after load which as you state won't show up till after you load logonui again..sorry man not sure if ya can load your script first =/


in the registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\Cu

I was under the impression, the order one entered the programs here, the order they were executed. Furthermore, it seems like there is clearly some delay before the logon screen is displayed, presumably because it is then running my code. Anyone that has any expertise in this area would be very helpful here.

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