Execute Code Before Logon Screen



Hi - does anyone know how to have some code executed before the logon screen appears (or even while the logon screen is up)?
Thanks for the excellent response - a few clarifications:
1) I cannot just add a new .exe to be run before the USERINIT in the registry string?
2) As I am a novice at Windows programming, could you check I understand what you wrote correctly:
I) I should change the registry key to refelct my .exe instead of the USERINIT
II) my .exe can just be a regular .exe that would run under Windows but it must end with by executing %WinDir%\Userinit.exe.
I will be writing my .exe in VB, so if I misunderstood you can correct me with the propoer VB calls to make. Also, I didn't totally follow why the difference between the two explorer modes is important - does it limit me in the calls I can make or require me to make certain calls?

thanks for all your help!!

Thanks again!
IN my VB code, will I have any difficult making calls to the winsock control or editing the windows registry since this is going to be executed before a user has logged in?
thanks for your time!
Looks good, but one small problem - I'm using home and it doesn't come with gpedit.msc - how do I do ensure network is up without using gpedit?
thanks! :)
Hi - unfortunately, gpedit doesn't work in XP Home - I copied it there and from the run command it gives a "file not found" (even though it's in the system32 directory) When I click on it to launch it gives a 'sanp in failure.' Any word on where in the registry I can find the correct value to modify?
Could you run the sysinternals software and use gpedit to change the setting and find out what it changes? those tools aren't helpful to me since I can't run gpedit so I can't trace what is being changed.

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