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.exe translation


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Is there any way to translate the text that is in an exe file? The one file i have is in Chinese, which obviously i can't read otherwise i wouldn't be asking this.


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Do you mean the text that is output by running the executable? Or do you mean the text IN the executable? If it is text within the executable (you found it by editing the code) you can copy and paste it to this web site http://world.altavista.com/ It's a translator. But beware, Chinese is VERY hard to translate, I dunno what kind of success you will have.

Elroy Jetson

Little Dipper School
do you mean something along these lines:

InstallExporer Port 2004-06-04

InstallExporer Port for Total Commander. InstallExplorer is a FAR plugin (© Sergei Wanin) that can explore and unpack exe-files created with Wise, Vise, Inno Setup, Gentee, Installer, InstallShield, NullSoft Installer (ver>=1.1o), SetupFactory, Eschalon. Contains both InstallExporer Port for Total Commander and InstallExplorer 3.0 for FAR.

Translate it yes. Do the cut and paste above. But if you want to put it back in as English so you have an English language version that will get messy with the string lengths requiring manual you to fill with blanks and if the English string is too long you may be hosed.

If this is a big job and you want to automate it you could write a program to search on the binary for each chinese character and then replace them with English strings. My understanding of chinese is weak but their idiograms carry a lot more meaning (sort of a bigger alphabet) than English letters so the original string lengths may be too short to hold the translations.

Doing this with European based languages is easier but can still cause string length issues. Asia has fundamentally different language systems so it is not really compatible with direct translation.

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