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13 Nov 2002
My setup has finally arrived and I've hit a badass hurdle.
Basically, I have a coolermaster real power 850w.
I've noticed that the power cable suppied is US? (2 pin, not UK 3 pin)
Just been to PC world and bought a travel adapter but still the red warning
light comes on when I hook it up to the mains.
I've tried literally everything, I'm at wits end now, this is all thats stopping me from using my new PC.

Somebody please put me out of my misery!!
Ok, do you have all appropriate cables plugged onto your mobo?

And is it an auto-switching PSU (i.e. is it set to the correct voltage or does it switch automatically?).

Make sure the cable you purchased is rated correctly (it should be) and you don't need any other convertors.

Typically you have a 20/24 pin and a 4 pin mobo plug that you connect. I assume both are correctly plugged in and there are no other items that are still missing.

And what does the Red warning light imply?

Cheers :)
lockstock, all you need to do it change the voltage on the back of the psu from 115volts to 230volts its a small red toggle, then buy a regular 3 pronged power cable from pc world.
Sazar - The red light means its overvolting/not correct voltage
Ive tried 2 different converters now and a UK power cable, but still
the warning light comes on and it makes a horrible whining sound.

Lancer - There is no switch on the back of it to select voltages! =/
Lock, most new PSU's are auto-switching for voltages so that's why you probably don't have a switch back there.

What mobo do you have? Might want to call the manufacturer.
Ok on the back of it there is a label saying "It is dangerous if the outlet is not specified for 125Vac/15A or 250Vac/10A"
Anybody know what the fudge that means?

The psu isn't plugged into anything atm, I'm just testing it off the mains.
possibly, i'd return it and just buy one from the uk....

oh and curse you sazar... :)
Ah here is you hiccup then! for your information 250Vac/10A is for the UK so it should be fine, also just a standard kettle lead will work don't bother using any travel adapters.
If your feeling brave connect a few fans up to the PSU and then short the two pins on the 24pin ATX connector then switch it on and see if your fans spin..... It could also be that the PSU does not work correctly unless its connected to a motherboard?


According to this thread http://forum.coolermaster.com/viewtopic.php?t=6221&sid=8c2b4bf5cc7cf0554c6272689b8ebbcd
The red light also means the PSU is OFF therefore it should be fine! Hook it up and give it a go :)

Again here http://www.elitebastards.com/cms/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=224&Itemid=34

"*Honey Comb Structure & Power Failure Detector (green light: power on/normal; red light: power off/PSU failure)."

Sounds like its a winner :) Shame on them for not supplying the right power lead though!

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