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EXCLUSIVE PowerDVD5 Screenshots

Electronic Punk

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Thanks to Oleg from DVDSoft I have got my hands on a copy of PowerDVD 5 Deluxe to evaluate. This is the latest and greatest software DVD player by Cyberlink.

It has the following new features:

CyberLink Eagle Vision
Brand new technology in version 5, which adapts video contrasts and colors across movie scenes to deliver superb and rich details. CLEV is designed to alleviate the problem where some movie scenes are too dark or bright by adjusting the color and contrast to bring you the best image possible. It is also ideal for correcting detail loss inherent in LCD monitors.

CyberLink Pano Vision
New non-linear stretching technique to offer the best display aspect ratio for 4:3 and widescreen movies. To reduce distortion when display 4:3 movies on widescreen display devices (or widescreen films on 4:3 displays), CLPV™ is designed to minimize visual distortion in the central display areas to give your movie a more natural look. With CLPV you can view any movie you want in the correct aspect ratio for your display device, even if the original movie doesn't support it.

CyberLink Multi-channel Environment Impression - CLMEI
A proprietary audio technology developed by CyberLink, designed to deliver multi-channel audio from any two-channel encoded audio track. This means, if you have a multi-channel speaker system, you can now playback MP3 audio files or audio CD tracks in multi-channel virtual surround sound environment.

You can get more information from this page.

As usual I have taken the liberty of taking a few screenshots for your viewing pleasure!

Firstly the only interesting things I saw in the setup program!:

The main screen:

The about dialogue:

The video and audio settings:

I'll provide some feedback once I have had the change to play some movies on it. The trial is only available in Japanese at the moment (here), look for an update at NTFS.org when it is released!


does powerdvd 5 have hyperthreading and sse2 support like the new windvd 5 does? i dont see anything about cpu optimisations in the about screenshot.

Electronic Punk

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I haven't actually played a dvd to get that information.
Just added a new DVDRW which is sadly RPC-2 so am a little hesitent to play any dvds at the moment.


If this is only available in Japanese at the moment, how come i can understand the text in the screenshots?

Electronic Punk

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Please keep it civil guys. We all know that people can find warez easily on peer2peer applications and there is there own choice. It is very difficult for us to control what is said about peer2peer applications on here as there obvious primary use is for warez.

We post the updates because they are software updates, and that is what the frontpage of the site is about.

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