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So, I made this account, called, and I want all messages sent to that address forwarded to a public folder within the public folder store. As I am a "newb" with exchange, I can't for the life of me figure this out.

I am approaching from a client-side way of thinking, by this I mean mail has to go to the mailbox first, and then forwarded via some type of rule. I googled a bit, but I'm so exhausted, I can't take anymore :)

Does someone who has some experience want to help a brotha out?


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Using Outlook you can apply a server forward rule. Also, using Active Directory on the Exchange Server there is a spot to select where to forward email to. But I don't remember which tab it is located under.


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I can't use Outlook because it isn't really a mailbox, only a security group with recipients. I could change the account type, but that's not the desired result.

I can probably find it, I'm just glad it's Friday.

I'm going to check it out again on Monday when my mind is rested :)


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fitz said:
why not mail enable the public folder and add it to the group distribution?
I did enable mail, I don't think I thought of adding it to group distribution. By this do you mean add the folder itself to the security group? I'll have to check that, wasn't sure that was an option...


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how do I look up the e-mail address of the public folder?

EDIT: think i am onto something, thx fitz
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Got this worked out, was really quite simple. Right-click on the object within ADUC, select Add Exchange Public Folder.

t'was a thing I couldn't think of Friday at 4:15PM. Thanks to all, reps all around :)


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that's not what I did, I didn't need to do the send on behalf of, I just need the delivery destination modified. My steps above were what I did, and it works like a champ.

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