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Excel XP Issue


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I have an annoying problem with Excel.

I'm working two rather large spreadsheets, containing about 3,000 records in each. From time to time, I transfer records from one to another, needing to do a CTRL + F (Find feature) to find the record I need on the other. Most of the time this works fine, but once and a while it will say can't find and then I scroll to it manually and find it.

Anyone know a fix for this? I am running Office XP with SP3 and all other updates applied. The option is not present to try with any other version of office, such as 2007 betas or Office System.


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If multiple cells are selected, the Find will only search the selected cells.. Venom's method, since it is selected all the cells, expands the scope of the search to all the cells (since you just selected all the cells)


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I'll keep an eye on that, as the issue is hard to re-produce to actually test anything. Maybe with all the switching back and forth I actually have cells selected, will report back.


I think that did the trick as it just happened again and then I noticed I had a block already selected. Going back and forth with all this stuff, can't believe I didn't notice that :eek:


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