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Excel 2003, Visio 2003, and Organizational Chart Wizard


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Hey guys,

I'm in the process of trying to make a roster for this tournament I'm in. I've done these rosters in the past, however I've always done them the long and tedious way... however it always worked and I got it looking the way I wanted it. The person who had originally shown me a roster was back in the day one of the people in the tournament, who now is my boss. The other day my boss had shown me a way I could do this roster by typing it in Excel...

I would start off with three fields; Name, Title, and Command. This would be great because of the fact I would keep this as a master list, only update this and then regenerate the roster in Visio... but it isn't going over as easily as I had thought it would, and there are a few reasons for this.

Excel Issue:

One of the things I'm doing is that with the command structure, I would type in =A# for whoever that person's CO was. To make things easier, I would try and dragging that cell down to fill in other cells below it, so I wouldn't have to type in =A# all the time... but it would always go incremental. I would try highlighting two cells at a time and trying it, and it'd go A6, A6, A7, A7, so on and so forth... even for 3 cells, it'd do 3 cells for A6, 3 for A7... etc...

How could I make it so that it would only use the entry in that one field I'm dragging, and fill in the cells below it, without incrementing?

Visio Issues:

I'm having a few issues with Visio and doing it this way. First of all, for some reason it's not taking them in the order they are typed in Excel. This is an issue because they are supposed to be following a rank structure. I have two sergeants under a lieutenant, and for some reason it throws the second sergeant near the bottom of the chart, with some unknown reason.

Another issue I'm seeing is the fact that for some reason it's not lining up all of the names with their lines, the names are a very short bit above the line itself... the line should be pointing at the center of the name, and it's like it had added an extra space or something to the end of all of the names causing that issue. How can I fix that?

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