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Evternal Firewire Harddrive

Well i have an external drive bay, with a harddrive in it, connected via firewire. the problem is. whenever i restart my computer i have to unplug the firewire cable and plug it back in. is this normal? becuase i really don't like to do it everytime ;p and i am running windowsxp pro


hardware monkey
i don't think anyone really does.

i played with an external firewire harddrive for a while and am pretty sure it was present after a restart just fine. don't know what the problem could be, sorry.

bush dogg

I had this happen when I installed an external harddrive (firewire & USB) a few months ago I went into the bios and set mine not to boot from external drive. Mine boots fine now with the external drive connected I don't remember all the details off the top of my head if you have not got it working post back and I will go into my bios and will post all that I did. But it's in the bios :cool:

bush dogg

Well I went into my bios tonight to remember what I did and here is what I did that worked for me.
went to bios then advanced bios features then boot other device and set it to disabled.
This worked for me hope it helps. :cool:

bush dogg

Yep go into bios again and make sure you saved the changes.
I remember one time I was in the bios to change some things and got to looking at other things and forget why I was in there the changes worked once the next time I booted they didn't then I remembered? When I saved the changes all worked fine.

bush dogg

I'm at a loss then? maybe set your harddrive with the OS on it to first boot device? see what happens.

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