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Evga Nvidia 6800 upgrade


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Well not sure if you know, but evga lets you upgrade an evga card you bought within 90 days of purchase for the difference of the two cards.

So i was thinking or going up to the 6800GT or maybe the ultra, but i heard the ultra is not worth going to, if you have a GT.

Should i bother will i see a marked increase in games. Right now i have a real hign end system, but i just downloaded and ran 3dmark05, and my framerate most of the time was a staggering 5-10fps, thats crap no matter how you look at it. Would a GT increase this a lot.

Thanks guys.

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The Ultra has the gucci factor.
I don't know the difference between the standard 6800 and the GT, but th eGT is very popular. The ultra is obviously clocked higher, but there is no straight line between cost and speed.


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standard 6800 == 12 pipe v/s 16 pipe for GT and Ultra... better performance @ high end (ie filtering applied @ high red) with the GT and Ultra's...

ultra's are worth it if you wanna go real high end...


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i have an eVGA 6800 Ultra with a modded GT bios.. the GT bios has tighter memory timings than the Ultra.. I would get a GT beef up its cooling and clock it to Ultra speeds..

I was going to purchase a 6800GT myself before i found the card i have now.. its the eVGA 6800 Limited Edition (not to be confused with the 6800LE).. it was an Ultra card with a defect so they clocked it down to 350/1100..turns out the bios was the culprit..so a quick flash and it was a full fledged ultra again..not bad for $340 USD :)


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sickboi sounds like a good plan, but as the limited edition suggests i know they only have a small amount of those on sale, so i reckon the're probably all gone now.

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