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everybody go here


I may actually be insane.
I've seen it so many times now it's lost its charm ;) plus the fact it interupts my TV viewing :mad: :D :p

I should imagine that it took a fair few attempts, if only to get the correct camera angles (it moves around very smoothly and pricisely)
It is clever though :)

Perris Calderon

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took something like 600 takes, and millions of dollars.

its become the most downloaded advertisement of all time, and so worth the investment.

the tires seem to defy gravity, when traveling up the ramp.

they did this by putting weights on the tires, and resting the tires with the weights on top...pretty ingenious.
Yeah cool ad.
I too have seen this before although not in it's entirety. I only caught the edited short versions.

Imagine the patience needed to set that lot up!

Nice find :)
They "cheated" a little bit. :) The rolling muffler is CG since the studio was too short for the whole thing, so they made half first and half later.

Helluva job though!

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