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Every girls nightmare


its only fun

You are at the wedding...

You are a total Diva...

the best dress, a perfect hairdo, and you fall in love with an invited

guest..... secret looks the entire night, On the dance floor, he's by

your side constantly, he dances like a God.... you are the couple of the

evening...... the anticipated moment has arrived for all single

women....... The bride is about to throw the bouquet.... you are first

in line, in a strategic position...... once there, you wait for the

right moment..... you look at him sensually, and with your eyes you tell

him........ if I catch the bouquet...I WILL MARRY YOU... And then, the

moment you've been waiting for.... the bride throws the bouquet........

he doesn't stop looking at you.... you jump like never before to catch

the bouquet... your arms stretched out... your hands open.... and


(See attached file: Wedding.jpg)

come on dude you know better than that, do not post pics that show stuff like that, period. NO NUDITY Iceman

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(it was a chick who went up to catch the flowers with one of them tops that er, well it came down and she was well endowed. Iceman had to remove it tho... spankathon.)


its only fun
Originally posted by Iceman

come on dude you know better than that, do not post pics that show stuff like that, period. NO NUDITY Icemam

Hey Iceman,

Sorry if it offends anyone, but you better run over to Joke of the day coz me joke on there is well worse

and sorry if that offends anyone as well:D :D :D
Oh I wasn't offended I just can't allow it to stay there is a difference you know? I got the pic on my hard drive, LOL

Just because I take stuff out doesn't mean I'm offended, it's because I can't allow it to stay, because of the forum rules.



its only fun
No problem here m8

you guys and girls have a job to do and you do it well;)

I understand were your coming from, but my appology was to anyone it offended, not you in particular:D

Anyways b00bies are a wonderful thing:D :D

[edit] If anyone wants the pic e-mail me:p [/edit]
Wedding Pic redone

OK by request I cleaned up the wedding pic, it is attached below, however, I don't want semi nude pics posted because of this.



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the greatest thing about that picture is that it captures the very split second before anyone at the wedding had a chance to react to it

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