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Event Horizon - BBC 1 - Now!


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Sam Neil always did good stuff. The best is still The Omen Part 3:the Final Chapter, Way better then this left behind business....
I don't normally like sci-fi, but I loved this movie. One of the best horror movies. "Where we're going, you don't need eyes to see."

Another good Sam Neil flick- In The Mouth Of Madness


I'm sorry Hal...
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Cool movie, saw it on DVD the other week. Seen it many times now. Like to pause step through the ships log bits :)


Extinction Agenda
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MY god you crazy UK dudes. I saw Event Horizon BBC rushed in and to see why the hell the BBC would be reporting about the outer edge of a Black Hole....to see thats its only about the movie:eek: .
Proceeds to choke Teddy then EP:rolleyes:

Electronic Punk

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I saw this movie the day it came out in San Diego. Of all places. (well where else can an english person go to see an english film).

Closing track is Funky **** by the Prodigy as well ;p

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