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Ethernet to USB

I am wanting to use a Linksys BEFW11S4 ADSL wireless HUB/Router. It also requires that I have an ADSL modem. The problem is that I can only find USB modems.
Is there a manufacturer that produces ADSL modems with a Ethernet connector, or a piece of hardware which will take the USB B (flat connector) from the USB Modem and output to an RJ45 Ethernet connector. I can only find things that go the other way.
Cisco makes a couple adsl modems that have ethernet connections. I use one that has been discontunied (sp), Cisco 678, but I'm sure they have new ones out, might try there.


GT, I think you will find that the USB cable is an optional conversion...you don't have to use it. On the specs page the pic says optional. :)

GraLk. :D


USB Eithernet

D-Link Makes a USB 10/100 Fast eithernet box Mod # DSB-650TX
Works Great and yes it plugs into the back of your puter with the flat USB connector
ps. its smaller than a king size pak of cigs!
SlySpinglefinge: I want that cable to plug into the router I am going to get not the back of my PC.

Catch. Thanks I will surf out SMC.

GraLK, What do you mean, are you saying that most/some USB ADSL modems also have an ethernet port on them as well. Why is it never quoted in the specs?

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