ethernet to usb adapter question

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by PlagueWielder, Jan 16, 2003.

  1. Hey
    I just got the D-Link DI-704P and also an ethernet to USB adapter for my dads laptop.
    My question is if I will be able to share the internet connection with the adapter?
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    i used to share my internet connection with my USB Network adaptor and it worked fine.. then i got a DSL router/gateway/modem so now the internet gets sent to my computer from the network hub.. so basiclly its done a switch in direction.. but i should think it will work for you.. just dial out on your computer and share the connection.. :D
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    Yes You Can...

    ...especially if you are running a router to the internet. If you are running a router just make sure if the laptop is runnig a static address that you have it's ip address forwarded in the routers configuration page. If it's dynamic(meaning DHCP) then there isn't anything to do.

    But in my opinion if you are behind a router its best to have a static ip.
  4. I have a router like I mentioned and Im going to connect it to all my computers (4) and a couple days later connect my new broadband connection. I got that adapter instead of getting a network card for the laptop.

    Can u please expain more about that static IP, is that the IP that the router gives me??

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    Nah, static is an IP you type in yourself. I'd suggest you use DHCP (dynamic IP) from the router. As I see it it'll be a piece of cake. This is what you do after the router is up and running.
    1. Plug in the adapter.
    2. Install any drivers.
    3. The computer will probably be set to dynamic IP by default (and get one from the router), so just surf away!