Ethernet - any advantages in installing a card


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Some advice requested please. I have just got broadband available in my area and I have made the necessary arrangements with my ISP but I am not on it yet. Bearing in mind that I am a the sole user of one computer at home is there any advantages in installing an ethernet card as opposed to a USB connection. The router supplied does accept either. Thanks.


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yes usb sucks balls, ethernet is always the better option, when i first got cable they wanted me to use usb, the speed was poor and the connection droped a lot, i put nic card in and all the issues went away


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If at all possible I would go with a NIC, much better performance although it's gotten better since USB 2.0 came along (1.x was poop!)

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linksys - netgear - intel - few others - all pretty much the same now a days, i would go for a gbit card as they will do 10/100/1000 :)
Last time I used USB for broadband the CPU load was so high I could barely use the PC.

Definately install an Intel or 3Com network card (or use the onboard stuff if your pc has intergrated ethernet)


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All your advice appreciated, I have ordered NETGEAR Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 which I hope is the right one. Thanks once again.


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