Eset Nod32 making Trend Micro Housecall impotent?

Hi. I've run Housecall twice, once in IE7 and once in FF2, and just as it's starting to scann, Amon says it caught a Java/Exploit in whichever browser Housecall happens to be in. Housecall continues to scan, but I'm never sure if it really removes what it's found. Should I disable Nod32 when scanning with Housecall?

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Nothing wrong with checking with a different AV.

To answer your question, go into setting and add the site to the exclusions list and/or the Web exclusions list. That should stop Nod32 from scanning it.

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web scanners aren't the best - if you want to test with a different av why not get the free 30 day trial most allow you to use


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The problem with checking your system with the trial of another AV is that they can possibly not work well on a system together whereas the web version is less likely to have this happen. You end up with new system files, services running, etc. Disable ESET and then run the web AV until you are done and then re-enable your normal AV. You also unecessarily litter your registry with more garbage using the trial version.

Dr. Web CureIt! is a nice small, FREE, standalone scanner: It's portable and good at finding things at times when other AVs don't.

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if you disable the realtime checking of one it wont interfere with the other, which is what most av's suggest to do anyway, i used to have 3 av products installed on my pc (not all realtime scanning at once) and never had an issue
Thanks for all the help. Yes I like using the online scanners from time to time, in a perfect world where all AVs are perfect and infallable it wouldn't be necessary, but unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world. I've gotten rid of many infections my AV didn't even register that way. And besides Online virus scanners cannot be corrupted by infections hiding somewhere inside Windows, at least that's what they say.

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