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eSata won't work


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I'm looking for some advice on an eSata port on my desktop. I have a p965 intel chipset with an esata port on the sil3132 chip on board. I can't get my 2.5 drive to show up under Vista x64 business. Does anyone have any experience getting through troubles with eSata ports?

Driving me nuts, also wondering if I have to have specific drivers or flash the bios for it...which I have no idea how to do.

going crazy/ :dead:


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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Thanks for the suggestion but I already have them. I'm missing something because when I plug the hard drive in I hear the vista "boom bum" meaning removable hardware is being plugged in but then it just never shows up.


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Was that drive formatted? It will not show up if its a new drive. You have to go into control panel-admin tools-computer management-storage-disk drives/management. Format it from there and then you will see it. Hope this solves the issue. Or if your on a network with multiple virtual drives it may be that it needs to be designated a drive mapping. You can also do that there.


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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it's formatted but in a pretty unique format. When the bios is starting it sees the drive and I can see it in windows under hte sil3132 options, but the drive never allows me to access it under "computer" (i'm running vista business) I'm going to attempt to connect it straight to the sata ports to test the drive.
What is this "unique format"? If its not really one of FAT32 or NTFSv5.2 or lower Vistas probably going to have issues. If you've got the 32-bit version then it'll also choke if you've got GUID Partition Table (GPT) on it. Tried using an eSATA drive on my friends desktop that I'd used previously in OSX and man did that not like the GPT on that drive, ended up reformatting it to a 2GB FAT32 with MBR just to be sure it'd show up.

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