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ERUNT with SP2


OSNN One Post Wonder
Anyone out there running ERUNT for registry backup with SP2? I updated 4 machines last night and ERUNT won't function on any of them.

Never mind, I was running an old version of ERUNT, 7/31/04 version works fine.
dreamliner... not sure what you use to export the registry, butif it is regedit then you might want to read this......

Note: The "Export registry" function in Regedit is USELESS (!) to make
a complete backup of the registry. Neither does it export the whole
registry (for example, no information from the "SECURITY" hive is
saved), nor can the exported file be used later to replace the current
registry with the old one. Instead, if you re-import the file, it is
merged with the current registry, leaving you with an absolute mess of
old and new entries.


The Analog Kid
yeah, yeah, yeah, i know. I think i've just become confident that I've yet to lose a registry in XP (except for a ram corruption error, which borked the entire hdd anyway).

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