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error while trying to read cd in a dvd


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i inserted a cd (burnt in easy cd 5) and tried to read it with my dvd rom drive (with the latest adaptec udf reader installed) and it gives me the error in the image...
how come i get this error and how can i fix it?

thx, Apu


Have you looked in device manager to see if all is well there.

Is the problem with all cd's or just that one.


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theres no prob in the device manager....and its a problem with the newest cds ive burnt...regular ones and ones that ive burnt within the last 2 yrs read ok


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it started after i installed the udf reader...and ive tried uninstalling it but it wont let me...it gives me this weirdo error that like 0x00000 or something like that in the uninstallation prog


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O.K. Then the best thing you can do is do a "System Restore" of XP to a point before you installed it.

Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore.

Then it will be as it was before the OOOPS. :D


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Posted by apu95
crap...what if i dont have a sys restore pt? anyway of uninstalling the udf reader?
If you shut down the system and rebooted any time before you installed the reader you should have a restore point.
Restore points are created anytime the system is shut down and rebooted.

Unless you disabled the "System Restore" option.


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solo revisaba...hace tiempo que no veia a alguien escribir la palabra "huevon" en internet...solo la escuchaba cuando vivia en chile


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Heh heh, Tengo un amigo que es Chileno que antes vivia en San Francisco. De aves en quando regresa a el Estados Unidos. Yo soy nasido aqui (Estados Unidos) pero mi Madre es de Méjico.

A, y si soy vien huevon. :p


For some unknown reason the UDF reader seems to work better as a stand alone app, installed separately from Easy CD Creator 5 main software otherwise it causes conflicts.

Remove it and advise if this improves things.

It does not auto install with EZY CD CREATOR 5.3 (latest version) but cds and cdrws should be read in DVD drives and CDRW drives via the "Direct CD" aspect of the software ( although of course you cannot write to the disc when in DVD drive.)
Make sure that " DIRECT CD"is selected in "msconfig"for an auto view on start up.

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