Error when updating video drivers



I am getting a error message "The parameter is incorrect" when trying to update my ATI Radeon 32MB PCI video card drivers. im using Win XP "ntfs" 512 sdram. Do anyone know what that means, and if there is a workaround ? Is there a way to stop plug and play on the video drivers. XP is installing the incorrect drivers and it wont let me install the correct ones.

Shamus MacNoob

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I think I remember seeing this one time myself ..... did you try and install an incorrect driver at one point? I made a mistake one time with a set of drivers and was getting that message, the only way I was able to get around was a repair install of XP .... walk through the set up as if you wanted a clean install and at one point you get to the partitions screen , here you highlight the partition that your XP is on and choose "r" to repair that installation it wont change any other programs but should fix that if not your gonna have to format unless someone else knows something better ........ :(