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Error.. When installing my new video driver


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Ok i connect the video card and start up my computer.. i put the ati cd in and begin to install it.. when it starts to install it gives an error message that says, "Try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup." What does this mean??
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The message means that with the old card in you need to set your screen size to 800x600 (default vga). That way anything you put in will work long enough to install new drivers.

You also need to make sure you have totally removed all old drivers. This is difficult with nvidia or ATI drivers so using a third party cleaner is recommended. Ccleaner.exe is the top rated right now and is free.

99% of video card problems are due to old driver code hiding on the hard disk. If you have any problems after ccleaner and changing the default settings to 800x600 and it is an ATI card post back. I have the ATI tech support instructions for 'total' removal.


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Thanks... my card is working right now but i never was able to use the cd to install the driver.. the card just started working when i downloaded the ATI catalyst thing from the internet.. Am ok or should i makes sure i install the stuff on the cd?


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The internet has the latest drivers, so don't worry about the cd.

Oddly enough I had this same problems with the Radeon cd.
I've been going through hell with my new x800xl. ATI has major compatibility issues. The driver fixes that are correcting the problems have been coming out months after they should and not all are ATI. Many times it requires changes to your other drivers or even your MB bios.

Once you have a working, stable, configuration leave it alone and you are good to go.

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