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Error Norton anti virus (1004,1)



hi, i dont want to start any arguments, so if you cant help then please dont post any negative comments, thanks in advance

basically i downloaded norton anti virus 2003, and after i install then reboot i get a error that is very simillar to this message "Message: "A settings violation has been detected. The security settings have been tampered with. Please contact your Administrator or consult the product documentation..." (1004,1) "

all i want to know is if some one knows how to get around this, the symantec site mentions 3 ways of fixing the error, all but that last i have tried with no succes, the last one involves me clean botting the computer wich im not going to do, so if any body know how to fix this please let me know :D thanks

one more thing, i apolagize in advanced if this type of post isnt allowed.:)

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
By all means post away. Why would this start arguments? That's what we all come here for, help. As for your problem I ain't got a clue. Don't use NAV. :(

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Thanx allan. Didn't see that. 'Downloaded'. :eek: That could well be the problem then. Sneakydude you know there are free virus programs available?


for some reason i got the idea in my head i should use norton anti virus, i gues because i was going to start using kazza and didnt want to get a virus, i think im going to look into those "free virus programs"


so how exactly does it work? it just boots up when i start windows, and it checks my downloads for viruses as i dl them or after the dl is finished? or do i have to check manually? and is there a option so it doesnt start up when windows starts i dont want it to hog my recources i already have style xp and norton uttileties running, i really just want it so i dont get a virus from kazza.

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
I do mine manually. When finisked downloading I highlight all the downloads, right click, then scan. If you don't want it on all the time go to start/run/msconfig. Go to startup & untick it from loading at startup. Just remember that it is off though. Have a shortcut handy to turn it on. Every week or so turn it on when on the net go to update & check for new updates.

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