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I had old pentium 2 sitting around my apt. The computer worked fine before i decided to throw in a extra wireless card i had and bigger hard drive. I also unpluged the wire to the diskdrive and put it back. When i trun this thing on i get two errors.

162-System Option Not Set
1782-Disk Controller Failure.

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Few things:

1) Have you checked both ends of the cable to make sure they are seated properly?
2) Did you check the power cable? It may have come loose.
3) Did you remove the power cable and forget to plug it back in? (I've done this before)


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I'll check the other end of the hardrive wire, this is the only thing i did not check, it might be lose... Its almost imposible to get to it.. i have to like take apart like 20 things lol.. Actully i was wrong, only 2 screws and the whole side came off.
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no i gave up on it...have another one too a amd, tried that one no signal goes to the screen on it. So gave up that one too. I'm getting a another amd one that i let a kid borrow till he got a new laptop. He got a new laptop, so doent need anymore. So ill mess with that one sunday get everything intalled on it. I really dont need the pc, i though since i have go a free linksys 54mb wirless card free i would let it sit on the net. Prob do the F @ H or something.

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