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Error message

diskette drive 0 seek failure

Started when I made the CD first in boot order. Plan to reformat after tax season. I have to press F1 to start windows. Everything works ok from then on. Any problems from this and will my format be any problem?

XP Home on Dell computer about 15 months old.


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If it says "Diskette drive 0 seek failure", that usually indicates a problem with your floppy drive.

Is the LED constantly lit up on your floppy drive?

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cat826237 said:
Any problems from this and will my format be any problem?
Insert your XP CD / Recovery CD, boot up & see if it is picked up & loads itself.

If it does & you can see your hard drive then it should be OK.


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Do you have multiple hard drives in your PC?

If you are getting a seek error, it is probably having issues reading it. If you enter the BIOS, are all devices listed?


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How about if you switch it back to not let your cd drive boot first, do you still get this error. This error usally comes about when you have a driver controller that could not locate specific sector or track. Incorrect configuration in System Setup can cause this. I think it might be wiht your usb drive, your computer prob trys to read this frist before the cd, causing this prob.


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cat826237 said:
Only one hard drive. The floppy does not remain connected all time only when I need to use it. Will try changing boot sequence later.

In addition to changing boot sequence, if you don't have a floppy drive installed then you should disable 'floppy drive seek' option in one of the BIOS sections (maybe in Chipset section). It will stop the error message coming up during boot.

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