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Error Message

Hi to all,I am new to the forums,I am running Home XP.After downloading mail in Outlook Express and finished reading when I click on close program,I get the following.MSIMN.EXE-Application Error.The instruction at"0x77f52004"referenced memory at"0x007f4490".The memory could not be "written".Click ok to terminate the program.The numbers change every time I use OE(Error Message).Anyone got any ideas and to put right.
Cheers and merry Xmas.



It sounds like there is a problem with Outlook Express and the way it connects to your mail server.

How is your machine configured - do you dial-up to get your mail or are you on cable? Network?

Do you check multiple e-mail accounts or just one?

It sound like Outllok Express is loosing the network conncetion and not getting a chance to time-out before you close it - giving you an error.

After you check your mail - try leaving it for a few minutes and then closing it - and see if you still get the error.

Hope this helps :)
Sorry been a while to reply,been busy,anyway,I have dial up connection,one e-mail account,this error message only happens when I delete e-mail messages and then close OE.I have tried giving it some time before closing OE.Any more suggestions?.Bearing in mind I am not an expert with PC's,so any advice in laymans terms please.

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