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I have a realtek 8139 card installed for cable modem use only. I do not have two computers linked together.
I am having multiple problems, but one I have traced down is in the error event log "the com+event system failed to fire the connection made method on subscription.....(now it shows a lot of # codes, then) the subscriber returned HRESULT 80004001.

this only happens when the network card is installed.
Any help?
Ps. kt7a_raid board, 4 in 1 v4.37,ide miniport driver 3014, hpt 370udma ata100 v1.05, the new realtek driver from the windows update screen.

I am still having probs with cd burning mostly. I am now using nero with internal burner disabled. Its bette, but I still get errors on about 1 of 5 disk (mostly simulations).
The error I mention here is due to my cabel connection. My modem works, but I get the report in the event log everytime I boot up.
I have a question about hpt370 udma raid control.
I downloaded the newest driver from highpoint 2.0
0919 and installed. I also got the matching bios but I cant get it to run (used dos boot, file exe just like it said.)
Should I roll back the driver since I cant get matching bios?
Thanks for reply.
I used to get the error your seeing. I'm not even sure if it deals with Internet/Network connections or not. But nevertheless, I didnt notice any problems related to it. But I'm still curious as to what it does. If anyone knows, it would be greatly appreciated. I couldnt find any knowledge base articles on it. I'm fairly certain its not related to your CD-Burner though.

If you cant get your HPT bios updated, I would definetly go back to the previous driver. Try your best to make it the same driver as the bios until you can figure out how to update the bios. Sorry, I have no experience on how to update controller bios.

On your CD-Burner problems, are you making coasters with it while burning? Your question was kind of vague.
Thanks speed4ever.
Not many coaster because I am still experimenting mostly with simulation burns. I was getting "simulation failed" at the very end of testing even though buffer stayed at 95-98%. I disabled internal burner in xp and updated wnaspi32.dll file and results are good.
By the way, i agree that the "com+event system..." message is not related to my burner, it is just annoying and it fills up the event log.
Good to hear things are working good now (I assume).


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