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ok. I got Windows XP pro a few days ago. when installing, after the 1st reboot, it says "fastfat.sys is corrupted" and it stops the install. Is there something wrong with my PC or could it be the XP disc? I can extract the files and make it and iso to install any files you guys can suggest. plz help.
Will it boot into safe mode? Just before XP kiks in start tapping F8 and see if it will go into safe mode for you. Is you can, run "SFC" (system file checker) from the "run" and see if it will locate and fix your corrupted files for you.

If not, you might want to start the installation over. If you can, put the installation directory on your hard drive (i386) and run setup from there (winnt.exe for dos install, and winnt32.exe for windows install).
well, it never installed. I asked around before, and some people to me to reformat my HDD and try a clean install. it still didnt work and now my almost brand new PC is without an OS. is there anywhere that i could download alternate install files with a working fastfat.sys? i doubt that only one sys is messed up.
This is what i'd try. Reformat the drive and put the installation directory on the drive and try an installation from it. That will eliminate the CDrom as a suspect in corrupting the file.

You might have a bad CD too, but i have no idea how to test that except to see if it fails the same way on a different system.
it does fail the same way on another system. my friends to be exact. so i have so bad files, where can i get good ones?
Is this a retail version XP, or warez version XP?

Did it ever work before?

P.S.- I'm not being sarcastic, its just that knowing this could give the answer...
Yes!! I'm usin XP right now. I downloaded the XP bootdisk setup program and then when it said fastfat.sys is corrupted, it gave me the option to continue anyway, so I formatted my Drive for NTFS and it was all good.

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