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1. Avoid using VIA chipset mobo together with NVIDIA video card.
2. Avoid using mobo with built-in cards.
3. Avoid using AMD CPUs if you don't have any budget for a good cooling system.

Try it and it will make sense.


You forgot to add something. It should look like this:

1. Avoid using VIA chipset mobo together with NVIDIA video card.
2. Avoid using mobo with built-in cards.
3. Avoid using AMD CPUs if you don't have any budget for a good cooling system.

This is my opinion. Try it and see if it makes sense.

MY opinion: You need to rethink your rules next time and try to include that it is your opinion.


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What have you been smokin ???

Avoid using AMD CPUs if you don't have any budget for a good cooling system.

In my OPINION AMD processors are the best current value out there (They certainly do more work per clock cycle than Intel chips). Even with a budget cooler they are rock solid (provided you aren't trying to overclock.
Ever see the difference in bootup time between an athlon XP 1600 and a pentium 3 2.0 on roughly equivalent machines???
AMD wins every time.:D

Now if you will excuse me....

/me gets down off of soapbox.:D
why does everyone insist AMD's are like 5 bajillion degrees hot? my AMD is overclocked from a 1800 to a little under a 2k...and it is still using stock cooling that came with it, and the hottest it has ever gotten is 52 and thats after 24hrs of burn in tests


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It must be the Intel people popping off.

Once you have tried AMD you NEVER go back.
Athlons beat the P3s all to hell.

Why pay almost double for a Pentium 3 when you can have a FASTER AthlonXP (running at a lower clock speed)??

Certainly the athlon handles WinXP without a hitch.

Go figure:D


I have to throw in my comments on this one too.

I was a die hard Intel CPU guy once upon a time.

Well all that's changed since I finally wised up and got me an AMD 1.4 gig.

I just ordered the XP 2000+ and should be getting it tomorrow. AMD kicks some serious butt and that's a fact.

AMD's got some great future plans and will stay competitive with the Giant Intel for a long time to come. This is like David an Goliath. David right now is packing a pretty mean sling!

I had a friend building a new computer. I asked what CPU he would be using. He said, "of course Intel, everyone knows Intel is faster than AMD".

I could only shake my head at his faulty info and inform him how wrong he was. Problem is many people still think that way. When was the last time you saw an AMD commercial on TV? Intel dominates the airwaves and a lot of people believe them.

One good thing about Intel. Since AMD has stepped up to the plate, Intel has been forced to drop their prices on their CPUs even though they are still considerably higher than AMD. Anyone remember that when Intel used to release a CPU, it was around $900? They had no problem sticking it to you.

If it wasn't for AMD, Intel CPU's would still cost a gazillion bucks like they used to.

I also take some issue with the VIA comment. VIA is on the cutting edge right now. Someone has to be. Being cutting edge also brings along with it some problems that need to be worked out along the way. VIA has had it's share but also has resolved them as they come.


i have to say i have had problems with via chipsets in the past, but now i think they are gettting good at putting out the drivers fairly quickly... as far as AMD - I'll never go pentium again.. I love my 1800+ - its fast, and relaible (rock solid) and its running very cool... oh, and did i mention I am running with a Geforce2 Ultra 64 - ruh roh - i broke all the rules... now what? this system has been up and running now for about 2 months, with hardly any glitches and all those were from me poking around in the services, registry and logon screen... nothing to do with the hardware....

can i get an amen?
You shouldn't pee on an AMD processor... you get a lot of steam that way, lol.
Avoid using AMD CPUs if you don't have any budget for a good cooling system.
The money I saved on my AMD allowed me to get a top of the line fan/heatsink... no more steam for me. :p


Re: It must be the Intel people popping off.

Originally posted by LPDad
Once you have tried AMD you NEVER go back.
Athlons beat the P3s all to hell.
My last computer had an AMD-k6 333 I had heard good things about AMD and thought what the heck-well it was the biggest piece of crap. Oh it still runs, but constanly overheats, shuts down and reboots. I have tried numerous extra fans, heat sinks to no avail. Granted this was not the top of the line machine, more middle of the road with intergrated video and sound (hey it was cheap-$300 66% off, clearence at the wifes work) but something should have worked. And to hear that the same problem still occurs and with my experience, it'll take alot of convincing for me to try AMD again.
Granted for the money, AMD may be a better value, and for serious gamers the differences might make a difference, but you have to prove to me that the AMD is that much better and faster than Intel before I'll switch.
I have a Dell 4100 w/1 gig P3, TNT M64 (gotta upgrade!)and SB Live and have been very happy with it. Never a lick of trouble.
You know the old saying: Once bitten, twice shy.
Just the way I am, and just my opinion.
I guess we can agree to disagree.


You have to forget all that history about the AMD K6. It just doesn't apply to what AMD is doing now except for the bad memory you experienced.

I wouldn't have bought AMD back then and that's when I was an Intel guy. I used to make jokes about AMD back then.

Well times have certainly changed. Look at it this way. AMD was barely cutting its teeth back then and went through many teething pains.

One thing for sure. Their teeth are plenty sharp now! If you don't believe me, ask Intel.

BloodLust DWS

i had a intel for about 4 days i got it in my PC i just got ran like crap always ran hot and shut down i took out the MOBO and replaced the Cpu from intel to AMD AND to my suprize all the problems went away my pc run cool never gets hot runs like a dream i say intel can take there

OVER PRICED CRAPPY CPUS and stick them up there A**

ill from here on out be a amd MAN !!!!

Avoid using VIA chipset mobo together with NVIDIA video card.
and to this my mobo is a VIAchipset and i havent had any PROBLEMS :D


I know why you dislike INTEL 'coz all your previous setup sucks.
From the looks of your setup it's disgusting, especially your mobos and CPUs.

38celsius is my highest CPU temp after running CounterStrike 1.3 for 48 hours uninterrupted.

Any temp higher then 50c makes your PC life shorter.

And sadly say your AMDs come with FREE HEAT in it 'coz it's already overclocked.

Any electronic part can only be 75% effecient max and the rest dissipates to heat.
INTELs was set 50% for stability.
AMDs at 75% that's why it comes with FREE HEAT in it.

Get it? I don't think so 'coz AMD users does not fully know what heat is in an electronic gadgets.

With INTEL pay more now and less later. The same is true the other way around with AMD.


And by the way this is not an opinion, this is a FACT.


Don't be offended 'coz the truth really hurts.
Ahhn..... So the TRUTH finially comes out...

NOT ONLY did you PAY substantially more for your (intel) processer but you probably had to "promise your first male child" so you could PAY THROUGH THE NOSE for that ridiculous RD-RAM (can you say...BEND OVER ?????)

I guess I can understand why you are so touchy about People raggin about Intel. Hell, If I had wasted that much money I would feel like I had to defend myself too.

Oh well, Live and Learn-- If you start savin now you will have enough for that AWSOME Athlon XP 2000 in no time !!!



For my money, it's AMD all the way. Get it? I didn't think so.

Now that's also a fact that you don't get it.

BloodLust DWS

ac6210sr u must be smoken CRACK lol i have ran my pc 48 hours with a over clocked V.card for 48 im a quake contest and guess what


i think u need to stop riding INTELS JOCK and get a real CPU and come play with the BIG boys LOL !!!!



In reading this smut I see a few things:

1)ac6210CR is trying to get the biggest post on the board award, for he knows everyone running an AMD (AMD users seem to be Fundamentally Radical to the company) processor will read and post to the thread.

2)ac6210CR has money to burn. Prolly has NIKE Air Jordan shoes, prolly a whole closet full, because they are more expensive than other shoes so they MUST be better.

3)ac6210 has no practical experience with the AMD CPU. But really who cares? Everyone has theyre opinion. My partner at work used to make fun of me for my AMD, and now mr PeeFor Ardeeram himself is considering buying an Athlon XP.

4)Anyone STILL having trouble with VIA chipsets, either a: has an OLD VIA chipset and b: doesnt know how to properly setup and configure a PC

5)People dont know that this is the Windows XP forum and not the Athlon XP forum, since this dont have ANYTHING to do with Windows XP

I would jump at the chance to own a P4 2.2, after I seen how they can be clocked to 3GHZ @ tomshardware.com. BUT it needed one of those fancy water cooling kits. SO heat is heat, every processor makes it, and when Intel CPUs get a littel hot they UNDERTHROTTLE themselves automatically. So hotter = slower, and Ive watched the clock speed drop on above mentioned friends system when he was benchmarking and torture testing. Admittedly maybe he screwed the pooch putting on HIS HSF but who knows. :confused: :eek: :confused: :eek: :)

My Athlon XP system has beenrunning SETI for 510 hours and ive never seen a temp over 42 degrees with an Antec Jet Cool HSF
and a cheap case with no ventilation AND a Geforce 2 Ti. Hmmm

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