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Error: "A delayed write..."



Not sure about the correct english error message, since I have the localized Swedish version. But sometimes I get an error in Explorer, when clicking on a hard disk. The computer freezes and after a minute or so I get a message "A delayed write has failed, try to save the file F:\$mft somewhere else" or something.
(the file name usually begins with a $ sign, I have no idea what it is)

This has happened a few times. This last time, I also got an error message at boot up saying "Non system disk...". Turning off the computer for a while solved it.

This latter problem with the HD:s not being found happens a lot with my brand new ASUS P4-T533.


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dunno... a possible write error to your HDD... could be HDD problems more so than anything else...

trying plugging in another HDD in your Rig with an operating system and running it... if the same thing occurs than it is a controller...

what a I saying?

use process of elimination to find your culprit...

also possible to post a screenie of the error message? I am sure someone on the forum speaks swedish...



I've seen that error before on external Zip drives if the drive is disconnected in the middle of a write access, but ever seen it on a harddrive acess. Post a sceen shot, I could at least deciper the error code.
error codes are V. helpful... try to give us an accurate error code.. .which ever language... will be easier to work out what the problem is...


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