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I liked it... was a decent flick...

I'll give it a 3.5/5 rating... wasn;t overwhelmingly good and certainly some plot holes but @ the same time quite entertaining :)
Awesome movie . I think it did come in theatres but very few people knew because there wasn't enough money to promote this movie. I really thought it was better than Reloaded and Revolutions. :) Christian Bale acted well (better than Keanu)

Not a lot of 'whoas' in the movie :p


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I wouldn't say it was a 5/5 movie, more of a 4/5 movie. Good movie nonetheless. Some really cool fight scenes, a good script, and some believable acting. :)
I'll agree with the 4/5. It would have been 5/5 with better choreography, camera, and more money for the effects (I make it sound bad, but all three of those can easily be overlooked). The concept and the acting was really good, and the fight scenes are some of the best I've ever witnessed.


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I liked it when i saw it at the cinema. There was a lot of "Matrix rip off" but personally i thought they where very different.
Hmm...something I should check out once summer break starts then (2 more days! Woo yay!)
So many movies that I need to catch up on. Haven't been to a theater in months either. =\


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I'm with vern. Entertaining, it was. When Bale fought, he was wicked, but then there were those luls in the movie where it was much silence. The idea and concept of the movie was really good. I watched the trailer several times before I was able to see it (due to limited release), and was psyched up, but somewhat let down. The fighting was indeed sweet, but there just wasn't much more to it. I think Bale's character was too good. It's a movie I wouldn't watch more than a few times, but it was indeed worth watching. And man, why is that my man Sean Bean dies so much?!?! :confused:

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