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Enemy Territory


Free to Fly
I know a few people from the forums play the game, but if some sort of clan/association with ntfs could be worked out then would the interest be there from members to get together and play?

Just curious as to what people would think


Free to Fly
ah nice one Sazar :D

I'm out tonight so I won't be about to play until later.. I haven't played since friday...

/me starts to twitch :p


sooo anyone has access too a Private server? freinds clan server not being used etc?
i know theres lots of public ones, maybe could just play on them and add [ntfs] after your nicks?

im up for a game after 11pm GMT tonite if its on a EURO server thats fast;) not playing if its 90+ ping



Free to Fly
Sounds good, definately got the interest to play :)

For those who haven't already got it, hop onto filemirrors and type in 'wolfet.exe' in the search box. Last time I checked there were loads of hosts with the file.


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I highly recommend those who are interested and have not played to try out some games on a few servers to get a basic feel for the game...

pressing L brings up a map and makes it a lot easier to see your objectives...

later on tonite I will submit a long post about basic objectives :cool: perhaps chriss can critique it along with some of the other more advanced players...

also... regardless of skill level... if one is a GOOD teamplayer... they are a valuable commodity in ET :) so don't be shy lads and ladies...


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Haven't played Enemy Territory for a while, but I just finished re-downloading it. I'll be a little rusty (maybe a lot rusty. heh), but I'd love to play and get my super-l33t skills back. hehehe.

Oh yeah, I'm a good teamplayer. I play CoD and CounterStrike on LAN a lot, and team play is very important. It isn't very hard to stand up, walk a few yards and smack someone upside the head. heh.


Boogie Nights...!
Originally posted by Sazar
pressing L brings up a map and makes it a lot easier to see your objectives...
L takes you in yo Limbo (where the map is)....but try pressing G - it overlays a map while you are playing...much more convinient!


F@H - Is it in you?
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yah thats what I meant lol... L == limbo... G == map overlay

/me uses L a lot for various items


Gojyone kawaiiiiiiii!
I used to be pretty good at this game hmmm some tips:

Learn how to master the other specialties.

I mouse hotkey the 3rd and 5th weapon points. so a quick click of the mouse will bring up the shots to heal and another click returns me quickly to my rifle. any other specialty i use the wheel to scroll from the 5th weapon point to get what i want i.e. click to drop ammo scroll up one to toss a flare for an air bombing.

One of the neatest tricks with signals is to press "B" to bring up binoculars then click with your mouse and this will call mortars on the position you clicked on. When I'm signals this is often the last thing I do when I find a pack of enemies and realize I'm toast (ahh revenge, so are they ;) )

covert ops:
one of the funnest positions in the game I love stealing uniforms to go under cover then planting backpack charges (hotkey click, scroll up one) or sniping targets from afar.

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