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Anyone play this yet, I just played online with the demo for awhile and it is really really fun. No real advancements to anything, but fun. I am going to buy this next week, your thoughts?


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Yea I was playing it in computer mode too, which i was doing pretty good. I assume its because of that lol


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mm... i played it a bit...

not a big fan of the futuristic setting.. but its alright


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I finally got the full game for christmas.

I haven't played much of it but so far I am really enjoying it. The game play in terms of what you have to do is extremely fun. It reminds me of the old days of capture the flag.
I'm playing the original ET. Is the XP accumulated per server same as the original, or across all games like Battlefield?

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On ranked servers at least it is the same and you get it over 3 maps.
I think its easier to get XP tho if you stick as a particular class for example you will level up there in no time.

Battlesense is of course harder and there are upgrades for all classes by using vehicles, or using a gun properly etc.


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I guess no one really plays this game much. I sorta stopped playing it as well.

When you have 15 games to play....the least favorite gets left out eh lol


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hehe... i feel the same as u guys...

sometimes i wish i could freeze time for some weeks, finish all the games i'd like to, and go back to reg life :D

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