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Perris Calderon

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24 Jan 2002
the end button doesn't bring me to the bottom of the page in this forum in mozilla..

it does on other vb boards though

anyone else get this?
It brings you to the first unread post (that's what the lines next to the buttons says anyway)
Glaanieboy said:
It brings you to the first unread post (that's what the lines next to the buttons says anyway)

when you're on a web page, it's supposed to bring you to the bottom of the page

this works on every other board, just not this one

also, if I hit end before the page finnishes loading, interestingly enough, the end button works...it only doesn't work once the page is loaded

in addition, the home button works, and brings me to the top of the page like it's supposed to
I checked with both IE and Firefox.
I was logged out in firefox tho, so I don't know if there is a js function in vb3 that makes you go to the first unread post etc.
it works for me in ie...I'll log out in firefox and see if it works
nope, doesn't work for me in firefox

I'm gonna uninstall and reinstall

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