encarta2000 dvd wont work



does anybody no if there is a fix to get my encarta2000 dvd to work now that I have upgraded from wins98 to winsXP
was yours already loaded when you got XP or did you manage to load it onto XP, as mine was already loaded when I upgraded and I was having intermitant problems I was told to re-install and now I have lost every thing as it had to un-install as part of the re-installation,
Whenever I get a system I always reformat and install everything myself - including Encarta 2000 in this case.
encarta2000 dvd wont load

so are you saying that you managed to load your encarta2000 DVD onto winsXP as a fresh load,
Below is whats happening with me

when loading it gets some of the way into the load (ie) it picks a folder to
load into C:/program files (etc)OK then right click next when I get as far
as choosing which parts of encarta I want, then right click next again, and
everything dissappears completly and I am back to my Desktop with no error
message or any hint that I was even doing anything
Not sure why that's happening. Try installing to a different directory (different drive if possible). Also, when you start the install disable all other programs (clear them from task manager) and dsable your anit-virus program if you have one.

If this doesn't work I'm not sure what the problem is.

Oh, and yes - it should work fine as a fresh install.

I think I only have one drive I have
A-for floppies
D-for DVD
E- for CD_RW
and the only drive I have to download onto is C for my hard drive do you mean split my hard drive

the only thing running was anti virus & firewall I will try it now with them off
No, I'm not suggesting you partition your drive just to install a program - just asking that's all. Yes, try disabling the AV. Also, try installing to a different location (maybe C:\Encarta) just for the heck of it. That really should not make a difference, but I've seen stranger things.
Just merged your thread for you. No need to post a new thread each time... just post reply. No input for your problem, sorry... I don't have encarta.

one more thing I noticed this time but ignored it before as the installation carried on when I clicked OK
was at th begining of the install after it tells me to turn off any programs that are running it then says varification in progress
then a window opens saying (please insert the correct CD-ROM, then select OK and restart) but like I mentioned above when I click OK the install continued
THANKS for all your time
No still no luck I think I will have to try contact microsoft
Thanks again
Encarta DVD 2000

Do you by any chance have a Pioneer DVD Rom drive?

The reason I ask is that The Britannica 2002 DVD will not work on some Pioneer drives. You need to run new firmware from the pioneer site. They also need to be run from a DOS Prompt - not easy in Windows XP.

Why they don't inform you on the packaging is beyond me.

This may not help but it's a thought. I'm in the process tryng to return my copy to Britannica.com.

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