Enabling Javascript in Dreamweaver


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I created a photogallary with photoshop cs2..and wanted to go into dreamweaver to edit it, but dreamweaver comes up and says you need javascript enabled.

How do you enable it? I can't seem to find any options for this...


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Is there a better forum I can ask this on? Some place that deals with Dreamweaver, i can't find anything on there site...


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Can you post a more specific error related to what you are trying to do - a screenshot maybe?

Dreamweaver has built-in Javascript Behaviors as they are called, but I don't recommend using them heavily as they add TONS of bloat and make your code a bit cryptic.

If you click Window, then Behaviors - that should show what you have available. The Get More Behaviors brings you to their website where you can get others as well.

Still a bit confused why you need javascript to edit a gallery you made in Photoshop though.


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I checked it out on the dreamweaver forums, and I have a [noscript][/noscript] problem, they know what it is, but im waiting for them to reply with a fix.

It's a weird problem, but normal at the same time. It's hard to explain, the error is a white document, saying I need javacript enabled to view this page.

That's basically it, I will get back with an answer soon. Hopefully.


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Well good luck then, sorry my post wasn't more helpful.

I've used Dreamweaver pretty extensively for awhile now and have yet to run into that.


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yea same here, but this is the first time I have tryed out the web photo album tool within photoshop cs2, so yea..

I still have not recieved an answer from them, except that they told me to try another album style. Which I do not want to doo....I will get back to ya again..

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