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eMule 0.46a build 2 problem


The One and Only
Ok, i really want to use eMule, but after installing it and running it, for some reason i think it either disconnects my computer from the router for a second or 2, or disconnects my modem entirely for a second or two. anyone know why this might happen?


The One and Only
eeh... don't think that would really help my problem much. that just is for tweaking settings of eMule itself. it's not just eMule losing the connection. my whole computer does.
There a million emule tweak guides if you google but you just have to mess with it until you see some significant movement. If you try to have too many connections you'll get disconnects. It will vary depending on your connection speed, (DSL, Cable, dialup) Also check into non-typical TCP client ports. What works for me might not work for you. Emule is "stubborn" to say the least and I only use it for small or archived files, otherwise I'm using bittorent. In either case I would highly suggest you using "blocklist manager and protowall". They are really watching the p2p these days.

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