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I would like to be able to play some of my older games I have Windows XP and have tried compatibility in Windows XP but it doesn't work. So I thought I would try and use an Emulator but I'm not sure which one does this. Any help would be greatly appreciated


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What game system are you trying to emulate?
Or are you trying to emulate a windows 9x OS?
What games are you trying to run?

If its an older game maybe they made it for a console system, you'll be able to find those emulators more easily. It would probably be easier just dual booting with windows 98 rather than trying to emulate it, after much googling I only found Mac OS, windows 9x emulators. Emulating windows for the sake of running it, would rather defeat the purpose of using a PC, and most emulator makers probably felt the same way. Also you could check out the game manufacturer’s sites to find a compatible version or a patch.


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I have a game that is one of my favorites of all time and I have to use the command line to get it to run and everything just because the game is so old that it says dos on the cd...ha...oh by the way it's called Dracula Unleashed...best game ever...sometimes you can use the command line to get a game to run if it's really old...


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possible to use a 95/98 boot disk and then run the game? I remember I had to do this waaaaaay back in the XT days...loading everything I could into high mem in order to free up enough memory to run certain games.


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Like chaos945 said, it is probably easier to use Win98 rather than emulate it. I've got a dual-booting system myself - Win98 and WinXP. Seems to do the job well when it comes to old games. Besides, there’s bound to be problems if you emulate an old Windows shell on top of another one.


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I hate to put another OS on my system for one game. The game is Nuclear Strike has anyone else be able to get this to run on XP.

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