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Embedding Fonts in a Webpage

I am making a site that will have a limited userbase, so I can actually just get them all to install the fonts I want them to, but I was wondering if there is a way that you can embed the required pieces of font info in order for the text to be displayed correctly.

Please dont post anything saying that I should use the standard fonts, normally I would, but as the userbase of the site is small I can use non standard fonts.


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If you want someone to download a specific font, with embeded code in your webpage, it's not gonna work.

Since it is a limited user base, have to blokes download the font you want them to have, or make the text in photoshop and put the font in .gif form.
Thnx, at least I know, now.

I was only asking as I heard something a few years ago about embedded fonts, but I couldnt find any info on it.

Thanks again

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