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I'm running ICS and using norton fire wall. (XP firewalll disabled)
Since a couple of days ago I have not been able to collect mail (outlook express) I was told to turn ICS off and the mail came through.
Why, all of a sudden, is it stopping me collecting mail and is there anything I can do to correct it (pain having to turn ICS off just to get mail)
Also found that I have to turn ICS off to use GameVoice as well.

This just means ICS is doing its job.

Try going to the properties for the connection you've configured ICS on. Advanced tab, Settings. Turn on the POP3 service to allow incoming mail.
Honestly, that makes no sense at all. ICS is a simple NAT system, and by default would allow all inbound traffic to arrive at a particular workstation IF it was requested by that workstation (relder must be referring to ICF as it would be used to limit services, not ICS). Otherwise, if it wasn't specifically forwarded (like port 80 for WWW or 21 for FTP) then it would be dropped. Also, it sounds like you are stating that it worked fine before, then it just stopped. Did you update your firewall software before you starting having this problem? Can you lower it temporarily to test POP connectivity? I had a coworker using McAfee firewall come across a similar situation while getting an update, but rather than cut off POP, it would intermittently can all incoming and outgoing traffic. I wound up reinstalling the firewall software, and all was well.

One other thing, when you have this problem, can you ping the SMTP and POP server(s) in question? What are you using for their DNS names? Have you tried just using IPs instead?

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