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Email Server Software Question


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi Guys,

From setup to deployment, a good, user-friendly type software that will work with WinXP or Win2000. Something that I don't need to remortgage my house. Opinions really appreciated.




Overclocked Like A Mother
Funny, Thats the one I am trying to figure out at the moment. Agrosoft. I will be trying the other one now.

Thanks again NetRyder.

You send/receive emails through any email client like Outlook/OE/Thunderbird. All you have to do is set the POP3 and SMTP servers to what I'm assuming to be localhost or, since the server are running on your computer itself. If they're running on another computer on your local network, use the IP address of that computer for your server settings in the mail client.

You can forward port 110 to the mail server in your router configuration which will enable you to access the POP3 server to receive mails from anywhere even outside the local network. However, I suggest not forwarding the SMTP port, because if it's not properly secured, it can become an easy target for sending spam and virii in no time. Even if you don't forward the SMTP port, you will still be able to send mail through it within your local network. If you're outside the local network, you can just use the SMTP server of the place you're at.

Hope that explained it. :)

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