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16 Mar 2002
Here's an odd request...

My grandparents just bought a new HP with Vista on it. Is there a email program that will allow them to have different identities to each be able to check their pop3 email accounts? On XP they had used OE and each had a separate identity. Windows Mail won't allow you do this, MS has decided that they want you have individual Vista user accounts. They have Outlook 2003 but I couldn't figure a way to do it either. It wouldn't matter if the program opened to a particular account by default, just that it could be switched to the secondary account.
Thunderbird can be set for multiple email accounts and/or you can have multiple profiles. You can also create folders in your Inbox on Outlook and then create a rule to move messages received on each account to a different folder, not sure if that is what you want.
Outlook supports multiple independent profiles.
Open up Control Panel, look for the Mail icon, and click the Show Profiles button.
j79zlr: I'll look at Thunderbird, it was on my "to-do" list anyway... Rules won't work for what I need mostly because they'll forget to change the "from" address when sending or replying to mail.

NetRyder: I never knew that was there. I'll see if it can handle what I need.
NetRyder: I never knew that was there. I'll see if it can handle what I need.
It works pretty much exactly like OE identities.
Create one profile per user, then add the email accounts to the individual profiles. When they launch Outlook, they'll get a prompt asking them to pick which profile to use.
You can also create shortcuts.

e.g. C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\OUTLOOK.EXE /profile <profilename>
I honestly didn't know that was available in Outlook either. Was that a feature added in 2003 or was it there before?
I use profiles and have setup shortcuts as madmatt referenced - I have to say both work well :)

Only negative is you can't store the passwords in the shortcuts (if they are prompted at startup), oh well!
Used the control panel method. All is good now and the grandparents are happy.

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