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eMachines T3624 issue


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I have an eMachines T3624 the PC was working fine last night, I tried turning it on this afternoon and it wouldn't power up. So I got my trusty power supply tester and it passed but I said hey what the hell let me put in a new one.

So I did. Turned her on and still no power on but there is a green light on the motherboard which is on steady ( not blinking ).

The only thing that is after market on the PC would be an extra stick of RAM and of course now the power supply.

I have searched the forums thats why I am not here because I cannot figure out how to fix this issue.

I did attempt to clear the CMOS by removing the 'watch battery' for 45 minutes and then plugging the computer in and trying to power it on but still it did not work.

Can anyone help me figure this issue out.


PS cleaned the entire case removed everything to see if it would turn on with the essentials also did not turn on. Should I assume a fried mobo? :dead:

Thanks again.


Shamus MacNoob

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Dont look good if you have a good power supply and no boot ...what about fans? anything spinning? How about unplugging anything not needed, ie hard drives, cd roms, network cards, sound cards , and booting ?


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No spin on the fans :-(, As for unplugging things yes I took the Molex connectors off the CD-ROM and HDD to no avail. So now this rig has a brand new Suntec 430 Watt supply, and some RAM as for things that are new. I can't figure this out. Also what is that little green light on the mobo?
1rst The power switch could be bad or a wire to the MB came loose. Find the wires and MB header that go to the power switch (not the rst switch). Pull the plug off at the MB and using the tip of a pen short between the two leads on the MB. If the system comes up the switch croaked.

2nd Sometimes the MB will shift in the case shorting out a trace on the MB. With the PSU unplugged:

1) Disconnect everything except the MB (HD, CD, Floppy) pull the RAM and and video cards.
Try and power up. If no fans turning time to check for a MB to case short.
Unplug again.
2) Take out ALL the mounting screws on the MB holding it down. Lift the MB up and slip something under it like a notepad to insulate it from the case. Make sure nothing is touching the case and try and power up again. If the fans spin up and you get beeps everything is probably ok and you need to carefully mount the MB back in the case making sure nothing is shorted arounf the screw holes.
3) If the fans still don't spin up then the MB and/or the CPU is toast. The on board voltage regulator may have croaked.
4) Pull the CPU out and see if you get fans then. If not the MB is dead. You will need to try the RAM, CPU, etc in another system to see they are still good.


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Alrighty, I removed everything from the case all wires, hdd, opticals, mobo, ram, psu, processor, fans. Then I just hooked up the mobo on top of a magzine and the psu and tried to turn it on same thing. but I also cant figure out where the PWR SW wire goes on the damn mobo but I tried the ball point pen thing and tried to switch it on I also placed the wire on every single pin where you would possibly put the wires for (PWR LED, FRN PNL LED, HDD LED, PWR SW) in order to find the right one to switch the PC on. My entire kitchen is full of PC parts right now and I just want to know what can I do to fix this problem.

Thanks again

ALSO WHAT IS THAT GREEN LIGHT ON THE MOTHERBOARD?! (Thats anoter thing I want to know is why is that on?




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check that your cpu fan is in good working order, most mobos have a failsafe that if the cpu fan doesnt spin up it will not turn on to prevent from cpu overheating.

if that fan is dead it wont fire up....

... also i would try placing your stick of ram in another slot (assuming u have one stick, if you have two try one at a time

... also try resetting the bios with the bios jumper, as bios should be reset with power plugged in, some mobo's u can get away with pulling the battery, but not always


OSNN One Post Wonder
Put in 2 brand new fans CPU and case and 1 stick of RAM tryed the pen thing on the pins tryied to plug in the pwr sw wire onto every pin still the damn thing wont fire up. any ideas?

I cant find a wiring diagrham for the front panel either HELP! :-D
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Shamus MacNoob

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sounds like emachine syndrome
Thats funny !! :laugh:

But poor guy this will not seem funny to him... :eek:

Sounds like the mobo is nomo time to get a real computer ...try finding a mobo that can use your CPU and buy some parts ...put together something with what you have.


thats what we call it in work, usually get 5-6 emachines in a week for new PSU/board/repair instal windows.. we got so many that we gave it a title:)

crappy "bestec" power packs usually cause the problem, blowing themselves and cos they are so crap & cheap, they have no protection, so then continue to blow the board:dead:


OSNN One Post Wonder
Thanks guys for all your help but I have one last question hopefully someone will answer it this time. What's the GREEN colored light on the motherboard?

The green light indicates the PSU is alive and putting out standby power to the MB.

Yeah, sounds like the MB. Sometimes you can get an exact replacement MB for eMachines if the model is not too old. Try the eMachine site replacement parts area. If none there try googling for the make and model of the emachine. An exact replacement MB will save you the hassle of reinstalling windows and risk of data loss. If not plan B is to find a MB that uses the same MB chipset make and model as your existing MB.

Back up your data from the HD (in another machine) before installing the new MB.

When you go to install a new MB (different make) it may or may not boot into windows.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Well I did replace the Power Supply first thing I did, I also installed a new case fan, and it was the mother board that was bad. Replaced it with a BioStar Mother board. Also added an older GeForce2 MX-400 Video Card just for kicks. This PC wasn't mine but my mothers. Mine is a different story just got it back to working order just need some more money to make it alot better.

Guys I would like to thank you all for your prompt and helpful reponses! I hope to talk with you guys another time. Have a good one fellows! :-D

Thanks again.

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