Eid Mubarak!


High On Life!
Well Ramadan has come to an end, eid looks like its on sunday, they will annouce it tommow. so just wishing everyone happy eid, finally we can eat again hehe. well its been another ramadan that ive fasted everyday what about you guys?


High On Life!
during eid there is also this kinda thing where its like haloween and u go around getting money from people, but doesnt work when ur as old as me, or when u go to ur dads bosses house or something. my friend once got 2500 dollars from his dads boss, just like that!, its crazy and other friends told me they shower you in money like they keep throwing money at you, never happend to me :(
Early... Eid Mubarak to u too :)

Yeh.. kept them all here myself - wasn't too hard this year... tis fairly short days.. at school during most of time so that keeps mind of food :)

going to find out which day it is myself soon enough.

Sadly... over in England.. there's no such tradition whereby we get showered with money on Eid day.. might get the odd few £££ off family.. but thats it :(

themafia_69 said:
YAY!, saudi arabia has officially announced that tommow (Saturday November 13th) is the first day of eid!
i know! i got excited when my dad told me on my lunch break. hoepfully my town will declare eid for saturday too! :D

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