eh, myspace..I'll love you forever if you help me!


7 Jan 2007
Ok. I need to put videos from youtube in myspace messages for a awareness project. can anyone help me? I need for the video to show up ready to watch, instead of a link. I already know how to pust them in bulletins and in comments, but I need to actually have them in myspace messages.

Can anyone help me please please please?
Click the share button on the video. Under the ''embed'' section is some html code you can paste on youtube.
OK. Well I looked at those sites and I didnt see anything about actual messages. Messages. Not bulletins blogs or comments. I guess it can't be done. :(
Myspace are well known for blocking content from 3rd party sites.
Yeah, I finally figured out that this can't be done. I give up. Damn. haha.

Also, thank you everyone for trying to help. It was greatly appreciated!

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