Effective way to reduce your download rate!!


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Inorder to reduce your download rate and to load the web pages much quicker, i suggest some ideas which i use sometimes.

For this you can make use of the Java developement kit,the java wireless toolkit and Opera Mini.

Requirements for this workout

1.Java SE Development Kit (JDK) from here.

2.Sun Java Wireless Toolkit 2.5.2 for CLDC from here.

3."OperaMiniLargeDevice" for Sun Java Wireless Toolkit from here or the special versions above.

4.Get Opera Mini Browser 4.0 from here. Be sure to download both the JAD and the JAR. The generic advanced version is recommended.

How to install(In XP)

1.Install the JDK.

2.Install the Wireless Toolkit.

3.Install the "OperaMiniLargeDevice" (complete folder) in Path-to-WTk\wtklib\devices .

4.Then choose "OperaMiniLargeDevice" as the default device, e.g. via "Start->All Programs->Sun WTK->Default Device Selection".

5.Then use "Start->All Programs->Sun WTK->Run MIDP Application" to start Opera Mini via its JAD file.

OperaMiniLargeDevice is now available in 4 variants for different screen resolutions.

-> 1200x705



->800x385 pixels.

When you have done with this procedure you wil now be able to browse the web using opera mini on your PC with bigger window.. When surfing with Opera Mini, Web pages are optimized and compressed before being sent to your phone. Therefore data transferred to your PC is significantly reduced, making surfing cheaper.

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wait, you want me to slow down my download speed to load stuff faster?

you realise thats backwards, I want my download speed faster to load more stuff.


Oh, now I know...!
Not too sure I get what he's saying either. Besides, all your traffic goes through Opera's servers, and although they've just added another one in the US of A, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't like to have a ton of PC users make use of their servers.

Hmm, after having thought this through a bit... I think you mean that we'll cut down on our bandwidth and data use by doing this, which is true as Opera's servers compress everything, including images.


PrOuD InDiAn
I'm pretty sure they wouldn't like to have a ton of PC users make use of their servers.
Uhh.... this was a trick i was pointing out... :)

The thing is that to download webpages much faster by emulating the opera mini software on PC and nothing much.

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Effective way to reduce your download rate!!

stop downloading?? can get a more effective way than that to reduce your download rate

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