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EFF to Clear Channel: Suck it


Blame me for the RAZR's

I allways like to see clear channel hurting.. Even in a small way..

Two years ago, radio giant Clear Channel bought a patent describing a method for making instant recordings of live concerts for sale. Clear Channel quickly began bullying any bands that offered post-concert sales of recordings into using its technology (and paying for the privilege, of course). Soon afterwards, the EFF put together a list of patents that needed to be busted, with second place going to this Clear Channel patent. Apparently, it takes a bit of time to go from saying a patent should be shot to actually lining up and firing, because it took until this week to finally ask the patent office to re-examine the Clear Channel patent. The EFF submitted some prior art, showing similar technology in place a year prior to the patent filing. Of course, you could also make the case that the basic concept of recording a concert and then offering it for sale really shouldn't be patentable at all -- but the patent office doesn't seem to care about things like that

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Why doesn't it surprise me, that Clear Channel would in on something like this... Is there any reason for anyone to really like Clear Channel? They bought out the stations, increased the number of commercials to the point that a drive home could be one long commercial break. Then I've seen reports of Clear Channel or their stations having been involved in acts of vandalism, as well as having dressed up as escaped convicts and created a public panic, which this same article refers to...

Then when some people were in protest over some of Clear Channels business practices, this was their responce...


A recent incident outside Clear Channel radio station KYLD, involving KYLD on-air staff, raises serious questions about Clear Channel Communications' commitment to the public interest and its policy regarding the on-air behavior of its employees.

On the morning of September 22, about 80 people gathered for a peaceful demonstration at the building which houses Clear Channel's San Francisco headquarters as well as Clear Channel-owned radio stations KYLD and KMEL. Activists were calling on broadcasting companies to serve the public interest, and were calling attention to the danger posed by too many radio stations being held in too few hands. (As you know, Clear Channel owns 900 stations across the United States.)

What was the response of Clear Channel employees on the scene? According to several witnesses, two members of KYLD's "Doghouse" morning show crew came out to confront the protesters and attempted to initiate a physical fight. They verbally abused the crowd, shoved at least three the demonstrators and threatened to punch others. Among the taunts shouted by the KYLD crew were "f**k you," "f**k off" and "take a shower, you smell." (In the confusion, one of the glass panes in the door to the building was cracked; it is not clear whether by protesters or station employees.)

Ironically, KYLD's hostile response to concerned members of the public provides a vivid illustration of the problems of the profit-driven, corporate-dominated media system that people had assembled to protest-- and of which Clear Channel, by far the largest radio company in the country, is a prime example.

Identified by witnesses and photographs as KYLD Doghouse personalities Dan "Elvis" Lay, and Joseph "Big Joe" Lopez, the two were apparently on-air as they insulted and shoved the people who had assembled to express their concerns about KYLD's corporate parent, Clear Channel. (KYLD management failed to return repeated inquiries by FAIR to confirm the broadcasters' names.)

The aggressive and offensive behavior of KYLD's Doghouse personalities is not an aberration, but is rather the stock in trade of their show. While some of the Doghouse's most egregious abuses of the public airwaves precede Clear Channel's ownership of KYLD, it is important to note that they include several of the same KYLD on-air employees.

According to Bay Area press accounts, KYLD Doghouse broadcasts regularly ridicule a retarded man called "Hammerin' Hank." The San Francisco Chronicle reported (3/26/98) that members of the Doghouse crew once subjected "Hank" to an episode of sexual humiliation at a live party sponsored by KYLD. The Doghouse show is also the only radio show to broadcast live oral sex "at a time when children were listening," according to the San Jose Mercury-News (1/22/99).

In 1997 Doghouse crew member Joseph Lopez was arrested when he refused to stop inciting listeners to vandalize a Castro Valley city sign (San Francisco Chronicle, 10/28/97). Charges are currently pending against Lopez and fellow Doghouse personality Graham Herbert following an incident in which they created panic by dressing up as escaped convicts wearing prison garb and handcuffs while roaming the streets of nearby Millbrae (San Francisco Chronicle, 9/28/00).

...In other words, the September 22 incident in which KYLD's Lay and Lopez verbally and physically abused people did not come out of the blue. They appeared to be doing what Clear Channel pays them for.
And then we have this... Umm, wasn't the whole argument against music downloads and stuff supposed to be about artists rights, as opposed to that of the moguls at the RIAA, the recording industry, and media conglomerates such as this? As is, artists only get a small franction of the profits made off the sale of their own CDs and the like. This leaves concerts as one of the few venues they have, for making money off their own music. And yet now, Clear Channel is trying to take this away too. :down:

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